Ceravoid is a commercial intelligence and risk management firm operating predominantly on the African continent.

Headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa, the Ceravoid team has extensive experience and operates a vast network across the globe.

In a globalized world, businesses need local intelligence to protect their company assets – property, people, information and reputation. However, especially in jurisdictions that are not far advanced in their data and digitization efforts, entities need a trusted local partner to source the information and analyze it according to the clients’ needs.

Combining extensive international experience with a well-established local footprint, Ceravoid customises all services to the clients’ individual needs and not only uses open source and proprietary database searches but specialises in HUMINT as an integral part of intelligence gathering.

We believe in empowering emerging markets and doing our part in strengthening their economy. By facilitating business transactions, assisting in establishing trusted relationships or aiding in the protection or recovery of company assets, we assist all parties to establish mutually beneficial business relationships.